Industries & Applications

Air Separation

For the separation of atmospheric air into oxygen,
nitrogen and argon.

Hydrogen Economy

For the growth and expansion of hydrogen in an
ever-developing world.

Sustainable Energy Generation

Reliable process measurement control for compliance and regulatory standards with a focus on green energy.

Natural Gas

Trace-level measurement for critical processes with highly demanding specifications.

Cutting Edge Manufacturing

The manufacture of critical components requires the highest level of process control. Together, we're driving improvements that contribute to a safer world.

Breathing Oxygen

Providing vital QA measurement for life-saving infrastructure available when required.


With demanding measurement criteria and ultra-high purity gases, MCM innovates in the semiconductor sector.

Challenging Global Environments

From The Arctic to The Arabian Desert, MCM pioneers projects in challenging conditions across the globe.

Packaged Gas Products

In a sector operating 24/7, MCM provides around-the-clock support and reliability for clients in the packaged gas products sector.


MCM contributes to the production and certification of medical gases, with the use of helium wherever there is a need for significant cooling.

Carbon Capture & Recycling

Stringent targets for carbon neutrality require optimal performance analysers and world-class support, something only MCM can provide.

Offshore Installations

From the UK to Australia, MCM employs specialist, trained and qualified technicians and engineers to serve its global product usage.

CO2 Food & Beverage

For the regulation of product acidity, MCM innovates in providing world-class hardware and software to deliver optimal performance and reliability for the CO2 Food and Beverage industry.

Research and Development

With a long history of supporting Research and Development projects, our experience can deliver customised solutions

Offshore Mobilisation

Relying on best-practice measurement and critical operational planning, we mobilise to all corners of the world and supply rental moisture analysis equipment available for despatch immediately.