Do you have a unique moisture measurement application? Have you struggled to find an off the shelf solution? Then MCM could have the answer.

MCM’s unique moisture measuring technology, flexible manufacturing facility, and in-depth industry experience mean that we can address the most challenging applications.

This is just a selection of the bespoke moisture analysis solutions we have developed in recent years:

  • Online hygrometer with bespoke self-preservation function (offline shutdown) for CO2 recycling and purification project in the Netherlands.
  • Online, sub-ppmV hygrometer systems for a helium recovery plant in the UK.
  • Customised twin-channel Auto-Zero system for natural gas export line, with bespoke design layout to fit footprint limitation on UK FPSO.
  • Hybrid Auto-Zero systems for trace-level refinery applications in the Middle East.
  • Dual sensor, self-calibrating hygrometer system for a refinery in Saudi Arabia.
  • High-integrity Auto-Zero systems for post-operational reactor decommissioning in the UK nuclear industry.
  • Ultra-low-level portable hygrometer for the Norwegian natural gas market.
  • Online hydrogen dryers for a UK-based manufacturer of fuel cells.

Pick up the phone or send us an email – we are always happy to discuss your application and suggest the best possible solution for your requirements.

Please note: It is the policy of Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd to follow a process of constant product improvement. Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd reserves the right to change the specification of any product without notice. Whist every effort has been made to ensure that the data displayed on this website is accurate, the client should not rely on the content for the purposes of project design. The final specification for any delivered product will be determined by completion of a process application filter questionnaire, an accepted quotation, and a confirmed purchase order.