Do you need reliable portable moisture analysis with simple operation and rapid results? MCM’s portable hygrometers provide fast, accurate & reliable measurement with unrivalled confidence in the quality of analysis.

The MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer packages MCM’s cutting-edge capabilities in a portable device that elevates spot-check measurements to a new level of simplicity and performance, with a broad range of measurement from 0.1 – 1000 ppmV.

Based on MCM’s unique Silicon Oxide sensor technology, the MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer provides unparalleled measurement capability in a simple-to-operate, lightweight and rugged package.

There are no intricate sampling systems, no requirement for precise gas flow or pressure settings, no temperature compensations, no complicated software interfaces, or complex sub-menus – the MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer simply provides the most reliable data in the shortest possible time and with maximum traceability.

The MicroView Mini Portable Hygrometer can sample inert and non-reactive gases. This analyser is ideal for applications where fast speed of response and reliable data collection are important, and the flexibility of a small, compact design is of benefit.

For hazardous area spot-check analysis, MCM offers a range of ATEX-certified portable hygrometers See Hazardous Area analysers with the same leading functions and performance characteristics that are found in all MCM analysers.

Specification highlights

Sensor Technology:
Silicon sensor, temperature controlled to 45°C

Measurement Range:
0.1 to 100 ppmV (lower detection limit <0.1 ppmV)
1 to 1000 ppmV (lower detection limit <1 ppmV)

Manual Push Purge® feature

5 or 6-points, in ppmV (ISO17025 optional)

296mm wide x 212mm high x 96mm deep


Clients include

Typical applications

  • Industrial & specialty gases (ASU, cylinder fill & QC, trailer fill, delivery, medical)
  • Industrial manufacturing, process control and batch drying
  • Aerospace – precision manufacturing, breathing air systems etc
  • Power generation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & beverage
  • Process commissioning & start-up
  • Laboratory QC analysis

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