For clients who do not run a permanent production process, or where measurement is most critical in a post-fill QA environment, then the MCM Moisture Test Station provides a convenient off-the-shelf package to provide fast, simple verification of the moisture content of a product.

Typically used where a client needs to test packaged gases on a batch basis, the MCM Moisture Test System provide a plug-and-play facility where product can be connected for immediate analysis. Thanks to the clever design of the system, the analysis is instant, and the system has the capability to monitor its long-term health – any degradation in performance (e.g. via introduction of a contaminating sample) will be identified to the operator.

The system comprises of an MCM Continuously Operating Desiccant Dryer and a MicroView Mini Online Hygrometer, together with a bespoke sample system and valve arrangement, housed inside a lockable enclosure.

The Continuously Operating Desiccant Dryer feeds a 24/7 supply of dry gas to the lockable enclosure. The dry gas purge is routed through the MicroView Mini Online Hygrometer, which provides a constant read-out of the dry gas moisture content.

To perform a product test, the operator brings the sample to the cabinet (normally in cylinder form) and makes a connection at the marked bulkhead. The flow rate is controlled by the marked rotameter. To initiate the test, the operator turns the manual valve from “DRY” to “SAMPLE” – the sample gas is then routed to the MicroView Mini Online Hygrometer and the operator observes the measurement value.

To conclude the test, the operator returns the valve to the “DRY” purge position, and the sample is disconnected. The MicroView Mini Online Hygrometer is again purged with dry gas, maintaining the sensor in best condition and ready for the next test.

The integrated design of the MCM Moisture Test System provides the operator with a compact, neat, and reliable solution for batch QA sampling requirements. The efficiency gain allows for multiple tests in a short space of time or allows for a greater number of tests to be performed (i.e. higher batch %) than may previously have been practical or economically viable.

The MCM Moisture Test System works equally well for the preparation of cylinders, and especially for the dry down purge and commissioning of tube trailers. In this instance, the operator may switch the sample in/out as many times as necessary to prove that the specification condition has been achieved.

A quick “sniff” of the tube trailer sample is enough for the MicroView Mini Online Hygrometer to provide a result – if the measured value is seen to be wetter than the specification, then the operator simply switches the system back to dry purge until ready to make the next assessment.

If your process requires batch sample analysis for QA moisture testing, then please ask for further details about the MCM Moisture Test System can aid your business.

Clients include

Typical applications

  • Cylinder batch QA testing
  • Tanker (tube trailer) dry down and commissioning

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