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MCM Expands Client Engagement and Innovation Horizons in China

Shanghai, China — Moisture Control and Measurement Ltd. recently concluded a strategic visit to China, led by Anna Wallis and Engineering Support Manager, Howard Stone. This significant endeavour underscores MCM’s commitment to deepening client relationships and fostering innovation to meet evolving market demands.

During their tour across Shanghai, Beijing and Xi’an, MCM engaged extensively with clients representing diverse industries including gas, oil, hydrogen, and liquefaction sectors. Through a series of focused discussions, they gained invaluable insights into the specific moisture control challenges faced by these sectors, reaffirming the company’s dedication to tailoring solutions to meet client needs.

Central to MCM’s mission is the pursuit of innovation driven by client feedback. Building upon the insights gained during their trip, MCM is poised to enhance its product offering and further optimise its services to better align with the needs of the Asia-Pacific markets.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, MCM is well-positioned to drive positive change and create value for clients in China and beyond.

About MCM

Since its inception in 1968, Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd. (MCM) has led the industry in revolutionising moisture analysis. With a focus on innovation and precision, MCM’s independent approach has set global standards. Collaborating with over 200 clients across various sectors, MCM’s pioneering hygrometers continue to define excellence in moisture control.

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