MCM proudly partners with ASaP B.V. for Moisture Control Development in LNG

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — Moisture Control & Measurement (MCM) proudly announces a strategic partnership with Analytical Solutions and Products B.V. (ASaP), a leading company in the heart of Amsterdam, specialising in cutting-edge solutions for the gas industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both entities as they join forces to provide innovative, high-grade moisture analysis instruments tailored for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) development.

Anna Wallis, Director at Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd., stated “Our collaboration with ASaP represents a synergistic alliance aimed at advancing moisture analysis technology for the Liquid Natural Gas sector. ASaP’s reputation for excellence and value aligns seamlessly with our commitment to delivering top-tier hygrometry solutions. This partnership allows us to pool our expertise and resources, driving innovation and contributing to the growth of both organisations through our joint focus on technical excellence and delivering genuine value to customers.”

Hans-Peter Visser, Head of International Sales at AsAP conveyed his high anticipation for the partnership and growth of the respected companies. “For us at ASaP, this is one of those unique opportunities which came along to work with MCM, to distribute their products and integrate in our total solutions. The MCM moisture analysers are one of kind because they are simple, compact and robust, hence they have an outstanding analytical performance with a proven track record. We are convinced the cooperation between MCM and ASaP will be a great success because of their similarities to ASaP, such as being privately owned, hence thinking and acting independently, and both organisations operate by their values. Ensuring to stay focused on customer support and service.”

MCM’s Anna Wallis and ASaP’s Hans-Peter Visser sign a partnership agreement

As part of this collaboration, MCM visited ASaP’s headquarters in Amsterdam this month. This visit fostered a deeper understanding of the specific requirements of the LNG sector and to facilitate the development and integration of tailored moisture analysis solutions to the unique challenges of gas industry applications.

The partnership between MCM and ASaP signifies a commitment to advancing moisture analysis technology in the gas industry, contributing to the overall progress and excellence of both organisations. As industry leaders come together, this collaboration is poised to set new standards in moisture control for Liquid Natural Gas development, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in the rapidly evolving landscape of gas industry technologies.

About MCM

Since its inception in 1968, Moisture Control & Measurement Ltd. (MCM) has led the industry in revolutionising moisture analysis. With a focus on innovation and precision, MCM’s independent approach has set global standards. Collaborating with over 200 clients across various sectors, MCM’s pioneering hygrometers continue to define excellence in moisture control.

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