We strive to develop, deliver, and support the highest standard of technical excellence within our chosen field. Within the science of hygrometry, we strive to offer our customers operational and commercial benefits, which are commensurate with (or greater than) the investment in our equipment.

Investment in R&D is critical to our business, both in the production of new analysers and the expansion of the metrological foundations of calibration standards. The combination of both elements delivers confidence in the data that our analysers deliver, and hence our clients come to rely on the solutions that we provide.

We aim to support the widest variety of industries, from the traditional manufacturing and hydrocarbon sectors to current state-of-the-art developments in hydrogen technologies, medical gases, semiconductor fabrication and carbon capture. We see clear path to a future where our technology plays a key role in sustainable industrial development.

Through our range of support contracts and the dedicated work of our employees, we will continue to deliver the highest quality of after-sales support. We will build relationships that are valued by all parties and fundamental to the success of each respective business.

We will continue to preserve the legacy of our past whilst striving to build a successful future.