MCM’s philosophy has been forged by the work of the Company’s forefathers, who worked tirelessly to develop not only the critical technology of our business, but also the core principles of respect, trust, and integrity. The beliefs and goals of the current management group are therefore influenced by the requirement to protect this heritage.

We are driven by quality and the ethos to perform any job to the best of our ability. We provide operational and commercial benefits to our clients, but this does not mean that we will chase every opportunity for sales. Rather, we are selective about who we choose to work with and actively seek opportunities with clients who share our philosophy for quality and value-add.

Our view has always been, and will remain, for the long term. Short-terms gains at the expense of quality or reputation are not our focus – instead, we plan for organic growth through the nurture of client accounts. We believe in convincing our partners to join us for the journey, safe in the knowledge that we will be there to support them in the future.

We believe in being self-funded, operating without the reliance on external lending or investment. We plan to be self-sufficient, and this foresight allows us to survive through turbulent times when global economies are shaken. By this in-built protection, we become a safe choice for the most critical industries, where continuity of operation is critical. We work to support clients both directly, and via a select network of agents and distributors. We expect our partners to promote MCM’s values and seek long-term stability in our relationships. This is a proven structure that provides the best outcomes for all parties.