Since our formation in 1968, MCM has been at the forefront of the hygrometer industry and has pioneered advancements not only in measurement technology, but calibration standards too. These developments include an accredited ISO 17025 Primary Standard calibration laboratory with lowest value at 10 ppnV [±2 ppbV].

This world-first facility is testament to the dedication of our team and underpins the assured performance of your MCM equipment. No matter whether you approach the subject of hygrometry from the perspective of the procurement officer, the design engineer or the plant operative, the advantages of MCM hygrometers are clear and compelling.

In a rapidly changing world that strives for increased efficiencies and maximum return on investment, MCM delivers reliable products that are “simple from start to finish”. You might say that we did the hard work, so that you don’t have to.

Advantages for Site & Design Engineers

  • MCM hygrometers deliver reliable data, in real-time, allowing you to make confident process decisions
  • Ultra-fast response means you can take a measurement and validate the results within minutes
  • Provides proven and robust operation “in the field”, with excellent long-term reliability
  • Fast & easy installation, with no time delay or commissioning costs, bringing the process online sooner
  • Long mean service interval with minimal downtime and no requirement for routine operator intervention
  • No requirement for precise control of flow or pressure, making the analyser very easy to integrate
  • Low gas consumption means that you save valuable product and help to hit strict emissions targets
  • Versatile – compatible with a range of sample gases with no need to change any configuration
  • The small footprint and weight aids project design – very simple to design for new or upgrade projects
  • Analyser packages start from just 1kg and dimensions 237 x 108 x 50mm
  • Option for ISO 17025 calibration provides maximum confidence in audit traceability

Advantages for the Buyer

  • MCM offers highly attractive pricing with a proven track-record of excellent value and return on investment
  • Corporate price structures and standard purchasing contracts are available – please ask for details
  • Fast & easy installation means no hidden extra commissioning costs (“plug and play”, out of the box)
  • Simple operation means no additional costs associated with complex process sampling systems
  • Rapid sensor response provides major commercial gain of fast process start-up and increased productivity
  • High measurement resolution and sensor responsiveness allow scrutiny and optimisation of the process
  • Flexibility of MCM design means the same analyser can be used on a wide range of different process gases
  • MCM technology is proven around the world – a low risk investment with a huge bank of operational data
  • The requirement for spare parts is minimal, and some applications have no spare parts recommendation
  • Long-term, fixed-price calibration support plans provide cost-effective budgeting of maintenance costs
  • Small analyser footprint and weight aids logistics of transport, storage, and maintenance of critical spares